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Everything is ready to start the 5th edition of the Mayakoba Family Race in Ciudad Mayakoba. Social Action Mayakoba and Volunteers of Mayakoba City, in collaboration with Ciudad Mayakoba, announced at a press conference that the expected competition will take place on Saturday, April 14. It will start at 6:30 am, and will depart from the main entrance of Ciudad Mayakoba.

Competitors can participate individually, as a family or as a group. Also, there will be two circuits: 5 and 10 kilometers (3.1 and 6.2 miles). The first will be a free natural circuit within Ciudad Mayakoba. On the other hand, the competition will take place at the 10km course, where there will be a cumulative bag of 21 thousand pesos (1,120 USD). The first three places of the different categories will divide the price among them.

A race with meaning

The objective of the Mayakoba City Family Race will be to raise funds for the construction of the Community Center in Cristo Rey, Playa del Carmen. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the participation of more than 800 runners that will participate. And, of course, thanks to the hundreds of members of Mayakoba City Volunteers.

To participate, you can register directly on the website. The cost is 300 pesos per person and 600 pesos per family of up to four members (16 and 32 USD, respectively). Children under the age of five may participate at no charge.

Ciudad Mayakoba is a revolutionary community model thoroughly planned. It will have residential and mixed developments, schools, hospitals, commercial villa, entertainment spaces, art, and culture. Besides, there will be stores, restaurants, and extensive green areas for recreation, pedestrian walkways, bike paths and sports areas.

Are you ready for the race?

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