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Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is unquestionably the most emblematic Mexican celebration.  Despite the fact that a lot of similar celebrations are seen in other parts of the world, the Mexican festivity is among the most relevant ones. Its roots, living culture, fusion with modernity, colors, flavors and the singular fun and relaxed point of view about Death are surprising and fascinating.


Within Mexico exit several ways to celebrate and experience Day of the Dead. However, in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mayan rituals give a mysterious character and a traditional millenary halo to it. In short: you cannot miss it.  

With the purpose of helping you get the best experience of all these traditional celebrations of the Day of the Dead, we share with you information about some of the festivals taking place around Fairmont Residences Mayakoba:

Hanal Pixan

Hanal Pixan, which means food for the soul in the Mayan language, is the name given by this culture to  Day of the Dead rituals. It is also the name of the beautiful tour/festival organized by Altournative to celebrate this iconic date. You will immerse in the most traditional towns in the area through guided visits to families’ altars, cemeteries, a jungle suspension bridge and, finally, you will have the chance to enjoy a delicious traditional Mayan food feast at the end of the night.

Life and Dead Xcaret’s Festival

This huge celebration takes place in the fantastic Xcaret park. It is a combination of the best traditions from all around Mexico. A splurge of folklore, it spreads from the classic offerings, gigs, expositions, and dancings to theater representations, interactive workshops, tours, prehispanic gastronomy and even international exhibitions, as a complement to this extraordinary experience.

Catrina Fest

Each year, on the 31st October night, thousands of people wearing Catrinas or Catrines costumes meet to be part of the famous parade throughout the iconic Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most colorful and funny events in Riviera Maya. Moreover, it is an unbeatable chance to let your imagination fly and make of yourself the best Catrina or Catrin ever.

And, of course, the perfect ending to each one of these wonderful celebrations is to come back to your Mayakoba Residences home to keep enjoying life.

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