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Have you ever thought about how important the location is to the success of an event? Taking care of the environment is one of the key points to generate unique and memorable experiences, both for the hosts and for the guests. But a good atmosphere does not just mean a beautiful landscape or a good room. Finding the perfect place to hold an important celebration requires much more than that.


First of all, you should consider the ease of access. An event with guests from different cities or countries must contemplate a location that has a nearby international airport. You should also take into account that, after a long trip, the last thing your guests will want is to deal with poor roads or ground transportation services of dubious quality.


Of course, another of the details that you can not neglect is the food. The magic of a destination is felt to a large extent through the food prepared there. If your event requires that guests stay more than one day in the place, make sure that there are nearby restaurants with a varied gastronomic offer and, if possible, in a friendly atmosphere. How about a grilled lobster accompanied by a glass of Meursault facing the Caribbean Sea? Thus, even in the moments when your guests are on their own, the charm of the festive atmosphere will not be broken.


Finally, if possible, also take into account the offer of recreational and cultural activities around your event. As we said, there will be times when your guests will want to explore the site independently, make sure that their walks lead them to live memorable experiences, as they will undoubtedly relate each of the pleasant sensations with your event.

Mayakoba: Your Best Option

The Riviera Maya meets all the requirements listed and many others; for example luxury hotels such as Fairmont and Rosewood Mayakoba, and top-quality sports facilities such as the El Camaleón golf course. Therefore, if the event you are planning is of the utmost importance to you and you believe that your guests require the best care, do not hesitate and contact us so that together we can make your celebration something much better than what imagine

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