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Every expert traveler knows that before starting any journey, it is essential to foresee three things: prepare a suitcase only with the necessary, arrive three hours before to the airport, and review the recommendations of renowned sites.

This year, TripAdvisor, the biggest travel agency on the web, has published the list of the most popular hotels in Mexico 2018. The result should not surprise anyone: of the 25 most prestigious hotels, 15 are in Quintana Roo. Especially, in the tourist area of the Riviera Maya.

Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, and Cancun were among the best-positioned destinations, but the jewel in the crown was for Playa del Carmen and the Hotels of Mayakoba.

The gorgeous Riviera Maya.

Rosewood Mayakoba, the most respected hotel in the country

Rosewood Mayakoba, in Playa del Carmen, was chosen as the most popular hotel in the country. Nestled among emerald forests, white beaches, and turquoise skies, this resort combines beauty and luxury in one place.

Rosewood is part of the sophisticated Mayakoba Resort. Its villas and suites harmonize with the existing geography while adapting to the natural environment. Architects and biologists, geologists and engineers, worked together to make possible this achievement of natural conservation and design.

Deluxe Overwater Lagoon Suite, of Rosewood Mayakoba.

Hotels of Mayakoba: Banyan Tree

The referent of the unique, extravagant style that a resort can possess is Banyan Tree Mayakoba. This exclusive hotel combines Asian hospitality with the forest spirit of the Riviera Maya. As a result of this luxurious design, Banyan Tree won the 12th position on TripAdvisor’s list.

Also hosted in the Mayakoba development, Banyan Tree guests can enjoy a warm and family stay in the heart of the Mayan jungle.

Banyan Tree Mayakoba.

Distinguished Guest of Mayakoba Residences

Although the list only includes Mayakoba hotels, as the owner of a property in Mayakoba Residences you can also enjoy these benefits. Remember that if you are a resident of Rosewood, Banyan Tree, or Fairmont Residences, you will have unlimited access as a Distinguished Guest to any of the Mayakoba hotels, in addition to all the privileges Mayakoba Residences already offers.

One more benefit of Mayakoba Residences.

Fairmont Mayakoba Residences.

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