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From Tijuana to San Cristobal de las Casas, the delicious Mexican cuisine does not require an introduction. Between mountain ranges, valleys and jungles, different historical towns have emerged expressing their culture with millenary gastronomy. In the Riviera Maya, the cuisine that transcended belonged to the Mayan people.

An ancient Mayan painting.

The original cuisine

Due to the location and climate of the Mayan Riviera, the Mayan civilization used in its dishes resources from the sea and the jungle. From the turquoise waters, they fished shrimp, sea bass, snail, and grouper, among others. From the green jungle, they hunted pheasants, deer, tapirs, armadillos and even snakes and monkeys. Some of these animals are part of today’s recipes!

Besides hunting and fishing, they dedicated themselves to the cultivation of the hot but delicious habanero pepper. Cocoa, also called ‘food of the gods’, was so appreciated that Mayans began to use it as currency. Also, the former inhabitants of the peninsula were the first to obtain gum from the juice of the chicozapote tree!

Cocoa beans in a cocoa pod.

The encounter of two gastronomic worlds

The cuisine of the Riviera Maya was born with the transculturation of the Mayan culture and the arrival of the Spaniards to the Yucatan Peninsula. The encounter of two radically different worlds resulted in a syncretic cuisine.

That is why the cuisine of the region has a wide variety of dishes. For example, the joroch’, delicious tortillas of pumpkin flower dough cooked inside a bean broth. Or the tikin xic, a fish marinated with achiote and orange marinades wrapped in a plantain leaf baked with wood and coconut shells. Or the exquisite mac-cum of sea bass, a slow-cooked fish with and spices.

As for drinks, there is the famous xtabentún, a delicate and sweet liquor of Mayan origin, prepared with honey from bees fed with the flower of xtabentún.

How about a refreshing Mayan drink?

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