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In the depths of the Mayan jungle lies the luxury complex of Mayakoba. A gigantic city designed to achieve the perfect balance between being human and nature. Thanks to the participation of an outstanding group of biologists, architects, and engineers, Mayakoba is not only beautiful: it is also sustainable.

Rosewood’s Coral House is a sustainable home.

For sustainable tourism in Mayakoba

For the construction of Mayakoba, it was necessary an integral approach due to the fragility of the ecosystem. More than six years of research were devoted to the planning of the project, investing between five and six million dollars.

Moreover, thanks to the research carried out by the team of Mayakoba biologists; it was possible to conserve about 228 thousand plants from 40 different families and 108 species.

Mayakoba’s Bike Park.

As a result, the development fulfilled the governmental requirements on the conservation percentages of vegetation in the jungle and mangroves.

Finally, the design of the master plan was in charge of the distinguished architect Mario Lazo Villareal. Mr. Lazo is an experienced builder, known for his development of sustainable projects. For this reason, Mayakoba matured into a harmonious city between man and nature. Guaranteeing the preservation of the ecosystem and the natural resources of the region.

Sitemap of Mayakoba.

Mayakoba winner of the Ulises Prize

The Ulysses Prize is a recognition granted since 2003 by the World Tourism Organization. The purpose of the award is to recognize initiatives and projects that make significant contributions to tourism innovation, driven by public tourism institutions, non-profit organizations and tourism companies.

The specialized agency of the United Nations aims to promote sustainable, responsible and accessible tourism for all. Accordingly, at a ceremony held in the Algarve, Mayakoba won the 2011 Ulysses Prize for Innovation, for its commitment to sustainable development in the Riviera Maya.


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