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Hidden among the Mayan jungle lies Ciudad Mayakoba, the super luxury residential complex that takes you closer to nature. Rosewood, Fairmont Residences, and Banyan Tree are part of this megacomplex of great commitment to the environment that promotes a more natural life and close to the biodiversity of the area.

Ciudad Mayakoba plans to offer its inhabitants a wide variety of amenities such as golf courses, acres of green areas and areas for concerts

El Camaleón
El Camaleón golf course.


ESR (Socially Responsible Company) granted this award to Mayakoba because of its work in preserving the Mayan communities, sustainability projects for the care of the environment, and volunteers in the surrounding communities. The NGOs Mexican Philanthropy, AC (Cemefi) and the Alliance for Corporate Social Responsibility of Mexico (AliaRSE) also were responsible for this accolade.


Mayakoba knows that the ESR distinctive is not only a privilege but also a commitment to the preservation of the community in promoting environmental care and collaborating with various NGOs. It will also continue with the planning and construction of the community center of the Cristo Rey community, as well as the Bajo Puente project that seeks to improve urban mobility in the state of Quintana Roo.

Plan of Mayakoba.
Master Plan of Mayakoba.


On the other hand, Mayakoba affirms that it will maintain excellent communication with customers through a team of committed and motivated employees.


With this, the Mayakoba group strengthens as an example of sustainable luxury that offers its inhabitants an exceptional experience in the Riviera Maya. What are you waiting for to acquire your home in the nature with Mayakoba Residences?

 Caraú bird.
Caraú bird. Photo by: James Batt.


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