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Mayakoba Residences, Andaz Mayakoba, and Mayakoba Resort were the proud official sponsors of the 2017 Rally Maya Mexico.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 — Considered the only rolling museum in the world, the fourth edition of the Rally Maya was held May 19-28, 2017, featuring 110 vehicles from Mexico and around the world. The Rally Maya is known as one of the most important car expositions in the world.
Mayakoba Residences was an official sponsor of the 2017 Rally Maya Mexico edition. As is well known, Mayakoba Residences is the most exclusive real estate project in the Riviera Maya, designed for those who have enjoyed their stay in Mayakoba and want to make the experience a permanent part of their lifestyle.

Mayakoba Residences is part of the Mayakoba Resort (which also sponsored the 2017 Rally Maya Mexico). Mayakoba is a sustainable and ecological project developed in the Riviera Maya. Mayakoba has obtained several sustainability awards and is known for its high standards of service and exclusive guest offerings.

The residential offering at Mayakoba Residences has kept growing over the years featuring the innovative and architectural proposals created for each of its spaces.

The Rosewood Residences offer an elegant and refined collection of 33 residences for those wishing to call Mayakoba home, all of which feature interior design by New York designer Thom Filicia and architecture by GVI (Gómez Vazquez Internacional).

The Fairmont Residences offer two products. The first includes the partial ownership of a three or four room residence and the second is full ownership of a three or four room residence featuring architecture by SB Architects and interior design by Rodrigo Vargas.

Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba offers 30 fully-furnished luxury residences with three to four rooms in six building, all with a view of the Mayakoba canal and El Camaleón, our prestigious golf course.

Lastly, Banyan Tree Residences offer panoramic views of the El Camaleón golf course, from hole 17 to the crystal-clear waters beyond. Their majestic architectural design was created by the Architrave Design & Planning firm. This attractive project was sold as a whole.

The third official sponsor of the 2017 Rally Maya Mexico is the Andaz Mayakoba Resort, the fourth member of the Mayakoba Resort.

Andaz Mayakoba Resort offers exciting experiences featuring full immersion in a secluded paradise with more than five miles of crystal-clear waters surrounded by mangroves, lagoons, and diverse flora and fauna, including more than 200 species of tropical birds. The setting will transport you to a lush natural environment that brings inspiring experiences to life while offering local food and personalized service.


The 2017 Rally Maya Mexico was a 745-mile circuit along highways in the Yucatan Peninsula that sought to convert the traditional classic car rally into a new historic form of automobile celebration within a framework of hospitality and cordiality, while also featuring socially responsible actions such as the donation of wheelchairs, hearing aids, and health care to Maya communities in Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo.

“In addition to promoting sports tourism among lovers of antique cars, we want to share the Maya World’s natural, cultural, gastronomical, and archeological wealth with participants as part of the national “We Travel in Mexico” campaign, in addition to doing important work with those who are most in need in Maya communities,” said Benjamín de la Peña Mora, Founding President of the Rally Maya Mexico.

On this occasion, with the support of the Telmex Foundation and the contribution of competitors and sponsors such as Quaker State, we provided medical treatment to children with Type 1 Diabetes, hearing problems, and disabilities that require the use of wheelchairs. We also offered accurate information to women about the pros and cons of hysterectomies using health research with support from the NGO Unidos por Chivis and the Carlos Slim Foundation, which also hosted talks on the importance of donating organs.

During the Timed Competition, the 220 participants of the 2017 Rally Maya Mexico, including driver and copilots from Mexico, Europe, and North and Central America enjoyed the natural and cultural attractions of Campeche, Yucatan, and Quintana Roo while in their classic cars most made between 1922 and 1975.


The 2017 Rally Maya Mexico program began with a reception and car show May 18 and 19 in the Carmen XXI Convention Center in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche.

On the night of May 19, a welcome cocktail party and dinner was hosted by the Mayakoba Residences at the Andaz Mayakoba Hotel.

The May 20 activities included a car parade and cultural activities for the enjoyment of the race participants and their companions at the Mayakoba Resort.

On May 21, there was a flag start as participants departed from Ciudad del Carmen to race to Champotón, where they delivered wheelchairs to those in need and then drove to the city of Campeche for lunch.

On May 22, rally participants left Campeche towards Calkiní, where more wheelchairs were delivered to children in the community. Also on May 22, visits were made to Isla Arena, the Pedro Infante Museum, and the Crocodile Reserve before heading towards Uxmal, where a prize ceremony was held.

On May 23, the Uxmal archeological zone was visited before heading to Ticul and Tekit, to donate more wheelchairs. After visiting cenotes around Santa Barbara in Homún, they moved on towards Mérida for an awards dinner held for the Elegance Contest, where special Franck Muller trophies were given to the first three places.

On May 24, there was an exhibition and cars were given a technical check-up at the 21st Century Convention Center and participants visited Celestún by bus to admire the natural beauty of the Flamingo Reserve.

On May 25, the competition continued with participants headed toward Motul, Temax, and Uayma, where donations were made to children in the communities, before continuing towards Valladolid where they enjoyed cultural activities and appreciated local craftwork.


On May 26, the group drove to Cobá to visit the archeological zone before heading on to Fifth Avenue in Playa del Carmen and from there to the final goal arch located in the Mayakoba Complex.

Participants stayed at the Andaz Mayakoba Hotel, where they enjoyed large rooms filled with natural light and views of the mangroves, tropical gardens, golf course, and the Caribbean Sea, and were inspired by the mixture of local nature, elegant amenities, and the decor with a minimalist design.

On May 27, participants in the 2017 Rally Maya Mexico and their companions, sponsors, and organizers participated in the Rally Maya Mexico Mayakoba Golf Tournament sponsored by Mayakoba Residences before enjoying an awards dinner and closing event at the Andaz Mayakoba Hotel.


Mayakoba Residences is well-known for its philanthropic and altruistic activities portrayed in all its actions and will donate 2% of sales generated from rally participant acquisitions of Mayakoba property to support the following partner foundations of the 2017 Rally Maya Mexico:

  • Mexican Association of Diabetes, Campeche Chapter
  • Chronic Illness Patient Care Center
  • Mexican Association of Diabetes for the Southeast
  • Chivis (Hysterectomy Awareness with Health Research Information)

Mayakoba Resort also joined in on this initiative and invited the children involved in these associations to spend a full day at the resort and enjoy the activities offered by Mayakoba, such as archery, golf, kayaking, and more.


Federal, state, and municipal governments in the States of Campeche, Yucatán, and Quintana Roo have joined forces to support this competition since it started in 2014. As with previous editions, the Ministry of Tourism (SECTUR) supported the 2017 Rally Maya Mexico by offering a special road security force with the participation of the Green Angels, the Federal Police, and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, in addition to the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAI) which opened the door to the archeological site tours. The Rally Maya Mexico joined “We Travel in Mexico,” a SECTUR Program created to promote overland tourism in this part of the country, which is considered the safest and offers natural, cultural, and historical wealth as well as unrivaled tourism.

In coordination with state and municipal governments, the 2017 Rally Maya Mexico invited craftsmen and women and retailers in the communities to showcase their highly-valued work along the official rally route, which generated important economic flows for these Maya communities.

It is important to note that the Rally Maya Mexico began a new phase with the endorsement it received from the Mexican Federation of Antique and Classic Cars (FMAAC), the National VINTAGE Commission, the Mexican Mercedes Benz Club, the International Federation of Antique Vehicles (FIVA), the Southeast Automobile Museum, and the Iconographic Pan-American Highway Museum.

In this regulated competition, the automobiles must meet certain requirements, such as being at least 40 years old, having at least 90% original parts, and participating in four categories based on their manufacturing date: 1915-1931, 1932-1949, 1950-1960, and 1961-1975.

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