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Living in harmony can be a matter of decision. Taking the time to stop and enjoy the little beauties of the day may seem crazy, but it is a healthy madness, a madness capable of changing the way you feel life for the better.

And what better time to look for that liberating balance than when you enjoy your home in Mayakoba Residences. In the surroundings, in addition to a wonderful and relaxing nature, you will find exclusive spas with treatments able to give rise to the best version of yourself. Here we present some of the best.

“Kuxtal” Sensory Garden, by Rosewood Mayakoba


Named after the Mayan “Kuxtal,” meaning “The Life,” the Sensory Garden was designed to lead its guests into a higher state of consciousness by following the Mayan philosophy of becoming aware of the present time and recognize the seamless connection with the natural world.  The garden illustrates the principles of the Mayan Way of Life, paying homage to its traditions by being perfectly aligned to the Cardinal Directions and elements of nature, it becomes a sanctuary of balance were the innermost signs of Mayan Wisdom are revealed creating a state of profound inner peace to truly appreciate our link with the cycle of life. The Sensory Garden opens through the senses, revealing a story about culture, nature & personal inner landscape, it is a serene journey filled with Mayan healing remedies, aromas, colors, textures, tastes and sounds—each invigorating and inspiring in its own way.

“The Mayan Calendar was never about time; it was about following the flow of creation.” – Ian Xel Lungold

Cha Chac Rain Ritual, by Willow Spa Fairmont Mayakoba

In the Mayan language, cha means “to let go,” and Chac, the rain god, is one of the most important gods in Mayan history. We invite you to enter the Cha Chac Rain Room and leave the outside world behind. This experience begins with a traditional blessing and burning of copal incense. Then, you’ll relax on the rain table while a healing body mask of cornmeal, clay and oats is applied. Your skin is then exfoliated with an ayate cloth, followed by an overhead rinse of warm rainwater. A massage with sage oil is the final luxurious ingredient.

Masaje Ritual Naum, by Andaz


Considered to be one of the oldest “healing arts”, massage has long been used as a way to relieve stress, alleviate sore muscles, improve circulation and create an overall sense of well-being. Our Massage Rituals can include customized massage experiences, depending on your preferences and your therapists’ wellness suggestions. These experiences include hot stones, custom aromatherapy blends, Swedish, deep tissue or other modalities that are best suited for your needs, and that our experts are able to identify due to their great experience working with the human body.

And, of course, the best way to end a day of spa treatments is going back to your home in Mayakoba

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