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Mayakoba is the most beautiful hotel and residential complex in the Riviera Maya. A construction project that began in 2011 has managed to position itself this year within the best luxury tourism experiences. Both in Mexico and worldwide.

In seven years of existence, the value in the secondary market of Mayakoba properties increased close to 50%. Not bad for a real estate development. Below we present the main reasons to invest in Mayakoba.

The best investment is a luxury residence Fairmont Mayakoba.

Invest in luxury is to invest in the future

The residences of Banyan Tree are the epitome of Asian architecture that adapts to the tropical Mayan climate. A great option to relax with family or friends, but also to invest.

The numbers do not lie: Of the 19 residences built between 2011 and 2013, Banyan sold them all. The villas on the beach went from 2.2 million dollars to 3.2 million, an increase of 45%.

The Banyan Tree rooms stand out for their luxury and elegance.For its part, Fairmont Mayakoba properties have also remained favorites among the investing public. Their residences offer homes of three or four rooms, and facilities such as gym, swimming pool, and golf courses.

However, the jewel in the crown belongs to Rosewood. Art and elegance merge in a luxurious complex of avant-garde architecture. Their single-family villas with ocean views cost up to 4 million dollars. Of the 33 projects built so far, Mayakoba has sold 14.

Admire the landscape from the interior of your Rosewood residence.

Options to invest

Reselling Mayakoba residences is not the only option. Some villas and condominiums have rental plans that also generate surplus value. Also, specific hotels provide facilities for the rental of properties when they are vacant. A great option to invest, if we take into account that the villas have an average annual occupation of less than 40%.

How about a game of golf in Mayakoba?

¿Qué tal una partida de golf en Mayakoba?According to Mayakoba, that this year 50 more residential units will be for sale. In addition, the commercialization of lots in Ciudad Mayakoba and the Mayakoba Country Club project will begin.

What are you waiting for? Multiply your investment today.

Mayakoba: your home in the Mayan jungle.

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