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Richard Sandoval, the renowned chef of Mexican origin and owner of famous restaurants, is delighting palates at the now renovated Fairmont Mayakoba La Laguna restaurant. In the paradisiacal Riviera Maya you will enjoy delicious dishes in an atmosphere of culinary harmony.


Located in the heart of the Riviera Maya, in La Laguna you will find fully sustainable menus prepared with organic ingredients and acquired under fair trade, a business concept that enhances the economy of the region.

The best ingredients.
Local farmers grow the best ingredients.

Moreover, worried about preserving the local fauna, an agreement has been made with a cooperative responsible for increasing and maintaining the marine habitat of the Sian Ka’an biosphere. As a preventive measure, specific products will not be purchased during the prohibited season.


To fully integrate guests into the culinary experience, Fairmont Mayakoba offers cooking classes. You will have the opportunity to prepare your favorite dishes next to the culinary team of the hotel. At the end of the lesson, attendees will tour the main kitchen. There you will observe how La Laguna works under the highest standards of quality in food and beverages.

Get ready for your cooking lessons.

Finally, for beer lovers, a craft beer tasting will be held. It will explain its history, origin and secrets, as well as an example of how to marinate food with beer.

Without a doubt, Fairmont Mayakoba and Mayakoba Residences are much more than a home. They are an experience that complements life.

If you want more information or make a reservation, contact us. What are you waiting for? Enjoy the best cuisine in Mayakoba Residences.

Delicious dishes await you in La Laguna.

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