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The Mayan Jungle, is a natural lung of undoubted beauty, also home to thousands of endemic birds. However, the winged fauna of the Riviera Maya has been at risk for some years, mainly due to the change in land use for the expansion of the city, tourism development, hunting, and monocultures.

Taking these factors into account, Mayakoba decided to create a paradisiacal complex where luxury and nature will cohabit in harmony. The result? 200 of the 483 species that inhabit Quintana Roo have remained in Mayakoba.

These are some of the species that you can see flying freely in Mayakoba Residences.

American flamingos

Flamingos are easy to recognize: they have a long neck and legs, their plumage is pink and carmine, and their flight feathers are black. The coloration of their plumage is due to the chemical compound called canthaxanthin, a chemical present in what they eat.

Pink Spatula

A beautiful bird distinguished for having a flat beak, long and rounded at the tip. Almost all its plumage is pink, and its color is due to the carotenoid pigments found in the invertebrates that it consumes.

Pink spatula
Pink spatula. Photo by: James Batt


Neotropical cormorant

Thin bird, with a long tail, brown plumage when young and black when grown up. This species lives near rivers or lakes, and typically feeds on fish, frogs, and tadpoles.


Neotropical cormorant
Neotropical cormorant. Photo by: James Batt

Chara yucateca

An impressive species, unique to the Yucatan Peninsula. When young, the Yucatecan chara has white plumage and yellow beak; at maturity, its plumage acquires black coloration.

Chara yucateca
Chara yucateca. Photo by: James Batt

Calandria yucateca

A lovely endemic species from the Yucatan Peninsula. The sexual dimorphism of the calandria makes it easy to distinguish between males and females. While the male has an orange head and bluish-gray jaw, the female has a yellow-orange body.

Calandria yucateca
Calandria yucateca. Photo by: James Batt


The care of birds in the Riviera Maya is of great importance, both ecological and economic. Each bird that flies freely acts as a pest controller, pollinator and seed transporter, in addition to generating millions of dollars each year thanks to bird watching tourism.

What do you expect to observe nature in your new home? Mayakoba Residences  is waiting for you.

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